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prim. dr. sc.  Vesna Stepanić dr. med.

prim. dr. sc. Vesna Stepanić dr. med.

Gynecology and obstetrics, Gynecologic oncology

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"Available for inquiries regarding gynecology and obstetrics."

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I have extensive clinical experience, particularly in the field of general gynecology, preventive gynecology, contraception and gynecologic oncology. I am a member of numerous national and international medical associations, such as the Expert Group on Abortion of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC) and FIAPAC. I served as the organizer and president of the First International Symposium on “Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancies”, held in Zagreb, Croatia, EU in 2015 and funded by the ESC.

I have attended, and actively participated in numerous international medical conferences. I have authored and coauthored numerous scientific and popular articles (cited in Current Contents and other Databases), and books chapters. I also author a web column that addresses a wide scope of gynecological and obstetrical conditions; this contribution was elected by the professional services as one of the most popular in 2012 in Croatia, EU, and remains among the most widely read today.

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