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LittleDot's mission is to improve healthcare for all. We're redesigning the way people engage with their health using the devices they already own.

Our goal is to reverse the model from reactive care to preventive health care. We ensure safe and reliable communication with the best doctors, specialists and therapists who are always available to help you be healthier and feel your best.

Uz LittleDot app uvijek imaš pristup svojim zdravstvenim bilješkama i nalazima koje lako možeš podijeliti sa svojim liječnikom ili terapeutom.

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The medical team consists of:


doctors – experts


of the polyclinic


Doctors – experts from our medical team have for years been awarded the Doctor of the Year title by Najdoktor
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Health diary

The more you know and understand your body, the more control you have.

A health diary empowers you keep track health status for you and your family. For adults, ten categories are available through which you can keep record of health status, blood pressure, sugar, weight, temperature, therapy... For children there are fourteen categories, advices, automated calculations of the growth and development curve, weight, height, first teeth and the first step, temperature, stool, reminders, nutrition... Store medical reports and data that are always available to you with one click. Forget about papers or lost documentation and keep everything in one place. With the LittleDot as health diary you can save, review and share your health information in a secure and reliable environment.

Keep all your medical history in one place.

If you need expert medical advice with a doctor - specialist - therapist, you have everything in one place. Access and share your health information in a private, secure, and confidential environment. LittleDot helps prevent the health and quality of life of adults and children.