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Customer support

Frequently asked questions

In order to make the LittleDot application, our online services and our web page easier to use, we have prepared an FAQ with all the necessary information.

Follow this section for regular FAQ updates.

About LittleDot

What is LittleDot?
LittleDot is a platform based on the vision that every person has the right to the best healthcare, which enables you to keep track of the growth and development of your children. The application also provides access to top medical experts and their reliable medical advice.
Which devices support the application?
The application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

About the services

What are online expert consultations?
By using online consultations, parents can obtain advice related to the health of their child from medical experts in a fast and reliable way.
How can I arrange online consultations?

Online consultations are available through the LittleDot platform in three ways:


  1. Contact an expert via message
  2. Call an expert
  3. Ask for an expert analysis
How long does it take for the expert to reply?
  • The official deadline for replying to questions asked through the Short Consultation is 5 days from receiving the question. After 5 days, the expert will no longer be able to charge you for the service.
  • The official deadline for replying to questions asked through the Expert analysis is 10 days from receiving the question. After 10 days, the expert will no longer be able to charge you for the service.
  • With the Call specialist service, an answer to your question can be obtained as soon your call is connected.
How do online consultations work?

Call an Expert and Second Opinion.


The LittleDot platform makes communication with medical experts possible through three different services: Short Consultation, Call specialist i Expert analysis.

Can I arrange a personal visit?
Seeing the experts in person is not possible since the LittleDot platform only allows for online consultations with medical experts.
What is the price for the services?

Each service on the LittleDot platform has its own price. Payment information for each service is available by clicking on the link.

When using the Call specialist service, how are extra minutes charged?
The price of consultations with a medical expert through the Call an Expert service is HRK 87.50* for five minutes. HRK 15* is charged per each additional minute.



* VAT is included in the price

How to pay for the services and are our card details safe?

The LittleDot platform uses the Webteh payment system and is guided by the provisions of Article 9 of the conditions for protecting the privacy of user data.,


Confidentiality of your information is protected and secured by using SSL encryption. Pages for web payment are secured by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption. SSL encryption is a data coding procedure for prevention of unauthorized access during data transfer. This enables a secure data transfer and prevents unauthorized data access during communication between user and Webteh WebPay Payment Gateway and vice versa.
Webteh WebPay Payment Gateway and financial institutions exchange data by using their virtual private network (VPN) which is also protected from unauthorized access.

Webteh is PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment service provider.

Credit card numbers are not stored by Merchant and are not available to unauthorized personnel.”

On the experts

How do I select an expert?
After selecting online consultations on the LittleDot platform, a list of all the available medical experts for the selected service will appear. You are free to select any expert depending on their field of expertise and the nature of the child’s medical condition.
Can I get a quick reply from an expert in case of an emergency?

According to Article 12 of the General Terms and Conditions, , a user may not use “…LittleDot, the Content or the Services in case of a potential or actual medical emergency.”

Technical support

How can I contact you?
Kontaktirati nas možete:


  1. Via E-mail: [email protected]
  2. Via our contact form
  3. By calling +385 (99) 526 8045

NOTE: The contact data listed above is to be used exclusively for issues related to the use of the LittleDot mobile application, difficulties with using online consultations or for submitting any type of complaint.

When can I expect an answer to my complaint?

All complaints will be addressed in the shortest possible time, no later than 15 days from receiving the complaint.