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Privacy Protection Rules

More Studio d.o.o., Miramarska 24, 10000 Zagreb, PIN: 19769775331 (hereinafter: “More Studio”), as the controller, respects your privacy and has based its website on technologies that ensure a better and safer network experience. These Privacy Protection Rules refer to the collection and processing of your personal data and the use of cookies on the website (hereinafter: “the website”). We ask that you read our Privacy Protection Rules carefully in order to gain a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect and otherwise handle your personally identifying data in accordance with the terms stated on our website. By using this website, you consent to the manner of data collection and processing described by these Rules, as well as to cookie storage and access on your device.


In order to maintain the functionality of its website and provide the services required by its users, More Studio may collect and use users’ personal data at this web location. Depending on the purpose, the website may collect personal data such as: first and last name, e-mail address, home or business address, telephone number.

By entering personal data or attaching documents in the designated fields, you give your consent for the data in question to be used for the purpose for which they have been provided.
More Studio collects data about your computer. This data can include your browser type, access time and website addresses.

More Studio also collects client data outside this web location, based on questionnaire forms with the client’s consent and for the purposes specified in those forms.

More Studio processes the data it collects, as well as the data it receives on the basis of providing services to clients and conducting business with individual clients, for the purpose for which the data in question was provided; that is, for the purpose of using the website and desired services, as well as providing information about products and services that you can use.

More Studio can use the data in question in order to provide a more efficient service to its users, facilitate the use of the website by eliminating the need to frequently enter identical data, or adapt the website to your personal preferences and interests.

More Studio does not sell, rent out or lend the list of its website users to third parties. Under the obligation of confidentiality, More Studio can share data with reliable partners for certain purposes: producing statistical analyses, providing customer support, organizing deliveries and the like. All third parties are forbidden from further processing your personal data.

More Studio hereby also informs you that you have the rights to access all the personal data you have provided and request the rectification of that data, as well as the rights to fully or partially revoke your previously given consents and oppose personal data processing for the purpose of providing information about products or services.

In certain cases, during the registration or ordering process on our website, you may be asked to enter your personal data or some other data to help us provide you with the best experience of using our website.


We collect personal data in the following manner:

  1. When you register, for the purpose of allowing you to use our services, we collect the following data: first and last name, e-mail address.
  2. When you apply to our team of experts, we collect the following data: first and last name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, title, licence number, specialisation/subspecialisation.
  3. When you send a query to our team of doctors, we collect the following data: first and last name, e-mail address, medical records and documents that you yourself decide to share with us.
  4. When you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect the following data: e-mail address.
  5. When you use the LittleDot App, we collect the data you yourself decide to provide, such as your child’s name, date of birth, medical records and the like.
  6. We collect certain data because we are obliged by laws and regulations. For instance, the Accounting Act, the VAT Act, the Cash Transaction Fiscalisation Act and the General Tax Act define which data must be included in an invoice, so we are obliged to collect all this data from you in order to ensure the validity of the invoices we issue.
  7. When you submit a complaint, claim or query.
  8. When you consent to direct marketing, which can be done via e-mail or directly by signing a consent form.

Personal data shall be stored in a form that allows identification only for as long as that is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data is processed or for as long as certain regulations in our country require controllers to keep personal data. Personal data can be stored for a longer period under certain prescribed conditions, such as for statistical purposes or for archival purposes of public interest.

In those cases in which we process your data on the basis of your consent, if you revoke your previously given consent, we shall stop processing your data and we shall no longer use it for the purposes for which it was provided; however, this may result in your inability to take advantage of some of the additional benefits that depend on it.

We ask that you bear in mind that we shall not erase your data in the given time frame if enforcement proceedings due to the existence of unpaid payables or other proceedings have been initiated; in those cases, personal data shall be erased upon the termination of the said proceedings or when the limitation period concerning the claims sets in in accordance with the regulations that govern obligatory relations.

Furthermore, if the data in question has been collected for the purpose of concluding an agreement (e.g. a services agreement), we shall keep such agreements for 5 years after their conclusion/performance in order to protect our rights and interests, as well as yours.


We can use the data we collect from you when you register, arrange a meeting or use certain other website content solely for the purposes for which that personal data was provided.


The website protects your personal data from unauthorised access, use and disclosure. Data on computer servers are stored in a controlled and secure environment, protected from unauthorised access, use and disclosure.

A backup of your personal data is stored on a secure server and can only be accessed by a limited number of people who have special rights to access such systems and who are under the obligation to preserve the confidentiality of such data.

We apply a series of security measures whenever users place an order or enter, submit or access their information in order to maintain the security of your personal data. In addition to that, the LittleDot App, as a part of the website, shall not transfer user data backups to a secure server without previously obtaining the users’ permissions and giving them access to information about how and where this data shall be stored. No third party shall have access to stored data.

Complaints concerning the processing of your personal data can be addressed to More Studio at the e-mail address [email protected], the company headquarters postal address or the telephone number +385(99)5268045.
The complaint can also be lodged with the data protection supervisory authority; that is, the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP).

LittleDot User Profile Management:

At LittleDot, we believe in putting the power in your hands. As a registered user, you have full control over your user profile data. You can easily update your information whenever needed and, if you decide to, you have the option to delete your user account.

To update your user profile:

To delete your user account:

Deletion of personal data:

Be advised that by deleting your LittleDot user account you will be deleting all of your personal data inside LittleDot.

Data Privacy and Security: Protecting your privacy is our top priority. Once you request the deletion of your user account, we will promptly remove all related data from our systems. This includes your profile information, preferences, and any other data associated with your account. Rest assured that once the deletion process is complete, it will not be possible to re-establish or access your deleted account data.

Thank you for entrusting LittleDot with your health needs. If you have any questions or need assistance with managing your user profile or account, our support team is always here to help.

We are committed to providing a secure and user-friendly experience, empowering you to take control of your health journey.


The uses so-called cookies – textual files sent to users’ computers by the web server that they use.

The files are created when the browser on the user’s device loads a web location, which then sends data to the browser and creates a textual file (a cookie). The browser retrieves the file and sends it to the web location (site, page) server when the user visits it again.

Cookies are used in order for all website features to function and to provide a better user experience, and we differentiate between session cookies (that are stored only for the duration of the users’ visit to the website) or persistent cookies (that remain stored on users’ computers even after their visit to the website). uses third party cookies to obtain statistical data about site traffic and the way our website is used. The data that is collected includes users’ IP addresses, browser, language and operating system data, as well as other standard data that is collected and analysed solely in an anonymous and mass form.

The More Studio company website does not use cookies that would enable it to run programmes or introduce viruses to your computer.

The website uses Google Analytics statistics, and the rules on third party cookies can be found at Google Analytics. We may occasionally collect data on how our users use our website by using other tools similar to the Google Analytics service as well.

You can set your computer up so that it sends you a warning every time cookies are sent or you can choose to refuse all cookies. You can do this by accessing your browser settings (for instance, in Internet Explorer). Each browser is slightly different, so have a look at the Help menu in your browser in order to learn more about the correct way of adjusting your cookies settings.
If you turn off the cookies option, some functions that allow you to use websites more efficiently will be disabled and some of our services will not work entirely properly.
However, you can still place orders and use our services.


In order for you to better understand cookies and control them, you can learn more about the different types of cookies and find out which ones are used by our website below.

First party cookies
Cookies that are installed on your device by the organisation whose website you visit are known as “first party” cookies.

Third party cookies
Cookies that are installed on your device by some other organisation through the website you visit are known as “third party” cookies. An example of a “third party” cookie is a cookie that is sent by a company that specializes in website analytics (for instance, Google Analytics) that provides the owner of the website with data on the number of people that visit the site.

Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies remain stored on your device even after you close the web browser. These cookies are used by websites to store data in order to help you use those sites more easily. For instance, websites that require that you enter a username and password save your entry and it re-appears every time you visit the site.

Session cookies
Session cookies are removed from your device the moment you close the web browser you used to visit the website. These cookies are used by websites to store temporary data that allows them to function properly.


We do not sell, trade or in any other way transfer your personal identifying data to external parties, and no third party shall have access to such data.


From time to time, we may add third party products or services to our website or offer them there at our discretion. Those third party websites have their own separate and independent privacy protection rules. We are therefore not liable and do not assume any liability for the content and activities offered on such connected websites.

Regardless of this, our intention is to protect the integrity of our website and we welcome all feedback that you may give us regarding those websites.


We honour Do Not Track signals, so we do not track, plant cookies or use advertising when a Do Not Track (DNT) browser mechanism is in place.


It is also important to note that we do not allow third parties to track user behaviour.


The confidentiality of your information is protected and secured using SSL encryption. Online payment sites are secured using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption. The SSL encryption is a data encryption protocol used to prevent unauthorised access during data transfers. This allows secure data transfers and prevents unauthorised data access during communication between users and the Payment Gateway, as well as vice versa. The Payment Gateway and financial institutions exchange data using their virtual private network (VPN), which is also protected from unauthorised access. Our payment gateway is an authorised PCI DSS Level 1 payment service provider.

Credit card numbers are not stored by the vendor and are not available to unauthorised persons.


An understanding of the Fair Information Practice Principles and how they should be implemented is crucial for the adherence to the various privacy protection laws aimed at personal data protection. The website and the LittleDot App have been designed as a form of assistance to parents, allowing them to track, record and solve their child’s medical issues, but they themselves are do not equal a medical examination and they do not function as a substitution for such an examination, diagnosis or therapy prescription. The website and the LittleDot App are not at all liable for any medical consequences. Registered users are solely liable for the security of data downloads from the LittleDot App via e-mail.

In order to comply with the fair practice concerning personal data collection, we shall undertake the following appropriate actions in order to prevent personal data breaches:

We shall notify users about those breaches as soon as possible, via e-mail or by posting a notice on the website itself, and we shall immediately take all the necessary action in accordance with the applicable personal data protection regulations.

Should you have any questions regarding personal data protection, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information listed below.

E-mail: [email protected]
Last Edited on 7th January 2019