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Ensure only the best for your child’s health

Join parents around the world who use LittleDot to ensure only the best for your child!

Contact an expert via message

Contact an expert simply and without having to wait outside their office. Send a message with up to 500 characters and maximum of 3 images or 1 video and 2 images.

Call expert

With one phone call you can find out anything of your interest about your child’s health. Describe the simptoms and you will get an expert advice accordingly.

Ask for an expert analysis / expertise

You can ask for an expert analysis of your child’s more complicated health issues. Send a message and unlimited number of medical reports and other relevant documents.

LittleDot provides online access to the best professionals for the benefit of children

The lack of access to accessible health services has strengthened our mission - to bring together a team of experts who will help their children and parents with their knowledge and experience. At any time you can contact our experts who will put the health of your child in the first place and provide the assistance they need. We want to create a long-term relationship of trust and health with our parents and children.
prim. prof. dr. sc.  Željka Roje dr. med.

za savjetovanje oko uho-grlo-nos problema kod djece

prim.  Denis Mladinić Vulić dr. med.

za sva pedijatrijska pitanja

Martina Prusac mag. pharm.

za pitanja o primjeni lijekova i alternativnim preparatima

prof. dr. sc.  Veselin Škrabić dr. med.

Dostupan za sva pitanja vezana uz endokrinologiju i dijabetes

Overview of all experts

Free digital diary for child’s development

LittleDot application enables you to put in photographs, videos an other relevant information regarding your child’s growth and development, which, in case of any illness, you can simply share with an expert who will give you advice based on that information.

Digital diary a memory always with you


Enables you to track the amount of time spent feeding; you can specify which breast was used to feed the child and how much food was consumed


Keep track of how your child grows and loses their baby teeth. Add images and comments so you can have all your memories in one place.


Record the time when your child goes to sleep and easily track the length and quality of their sleep.


Enables you to track the frequency of your child’s bowel movements and make notes about the stool. You can also track the frequency of urination.


Enables you to input text freely, add photos of the child or of their medical records, etc.


Enables you to keep track of your child’s temperature; you can also read up on advice for reducing your child’s temperature.


Enables you to keep track of which medicine was taken by writing freely in a journal.

Growth & development

Enables you to track the growth and development of your child with the help of a growth curve; also enables you to calculate your child’s body mass index.


Find out about mandatory and optional vaccines; keep track of when your child was given which vaccine.


Keep track of the key accomplishments in the development of your child, e.g. accomplishments pertaining to motor skills, emotional development, communication skills or speech.


Enter your doctor’s information and send them the data recorded in the application before visiting their office. You have full control over what information can be sent.


Enables you to keep track of other important events by writing freely in a journal.