Martina Prusac mag. pharm.

Martina Prusac mag. pharm.

Clinical Pharmacy , Phytoaromatherapy

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For me, being a pharmacist is not only a profession, but also a vocation!

After graduating with a degree in pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb in 2012, I started working in a public pharmacy. I currently work at Draženović Pharmacy in Metković. The end of college marked only the beginning of the improvement of specific knowledge, and I first attended professional training in phytoaromatherapy at Krešimir University in Zagreb, and then went on to specialize in clinical pharmacy, which is in progress.

I work intensively and with great enthusiasm on continuous improvement because I believe that knowledge, skills and experience really are power.

I advise parents on a daily basis about acute health problems they face (colds, elevated body temperature, recovery after tonsillectomy, diarrhea, etc.), but also chronic health problems (atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma, diabetes, etc.). During counseling, I consider it important to explain the nature of the disease and the purpose of the prescribed therapy, because it seems to me that parents and children then more easily apply the instructions they have received.

Since one of my areas of interest is phytoaromatherapy (a branch that deals with medicinal plants and oils), I am very happy to advise on the selection of vitamins, minerals, medicinal plants and cosmetic products that are used independently or as a supplement to already prescribed therapy.

I have been a professional associate of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb on the Pharmacy Care course for several years, and I also hold numerous training sessions for pharmacists throughout the Republic of Croatia. I am a member of the Committee for the Improvement of Pharmacy Services at the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacy and a member of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society.

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