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Video consultation 1:1

If you need to go to the doctor's office for a check-up, and you are not able for some reason (you are too far away, there is no available appointment and if you want to avoid waiting rooms ...), book an appointment for a video consultation with the doctor that suits you best.

Get advice from the comfort of your own home.

Advantages of a video consultation

You choose the doctor yourself at a predetermined time

You can book a video consultation and do it from the comfort of your own home from any device

The doctor has the opportunity to make preparations before the call, especially in the case of an additional note that you can write when booking the appointment

During the 30-minute conversation, the chosen doctor can fully dedicate himself / herself to you

Receive answers to all questions in real time during the video call with your chosen doctor

How can I start a video consultation service?

Log in to the application

You can either download it via one of the links below:

Or you can login / register in your account


Choose a doctor and the date and time for appointment

From the calendar, select one of the free appointments in which you want to have a video call with the selected doctor.

Enter the reason for the video call and, if necessary, an additional note and book an appointment

Click on the link to join the conversation

Once the doctor confirms the appointment, you will receive a link in the mail that will allow you to join the conversation with one click.

The video call reminder will arrive 1 hour before the start of the video call via email and 5 min before the call via notification from the app and via email.

Talk to the doctor

One call can last a maximum of 30 minutes .

30 seconds before the consultation expires, the remaining duration of the consultation will appear on the screen.

Price and payment for the service

30 min Video call price

* Price with Premium health subscription

239 kn

(VAT included)

Price with Plus health subscription

269 kn

(VAT included)

Price without purchased subscription

299 kn

(VAT included)

* NOTE: With a premium health subscription 1 video consultation is free

Check who is available for a video consultation and

Can an appointment be canceled?

It is possible to cancel the appointment. Just in the details of the video call click on the "Cancel" button, confirm the action by clicking on the "Ok" button and that's it.

If I cancel a Video Consultation appointment, will I have to pay a cancellation fee?

The cancellation fee is charged if you cancel the service within 24 hours before the consultation in order to compensate the doctors / experts for the time of preparation for the video consultation, and to reorganize the schedule of examinations in their clinics.

If you have to cancel your Video Consultation appointment, please do so in a timely manner to avoid paying the cancellation fee.

What can I do if no appointments are available for a video consultation?

If there are no open appointments for your chosen doctor, you can suggest an appointment.

Suggesting an appointment works by:

  • In the list of doctors or in the doctor's profile, click the "Suggest an appointment" button

  • Clicking on the specified button above, will redirect you to the web application on the screen to select the desired date for the video consultation

  • In case the doctor is not able to be on the video call , the doctor can suggest a new appointment, which you can then accept or reject

  • If you accept the proposed appointment of the selected doctor, the appointment will be booked, and you will receive a reminder of the start of the booked appointment via email and notification via the LittleDot application


Download LittleDot app

Download LittleDot app today and register so you can book or suggest an appointment for a video consultation with psychiatrists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and doctors from many other areas, so you can get advice when you need it most and to use digital tools that can help you keep a digital health record and diary 24/7.

  • Find a doctor – expert who you wish to contact for advice
  • There is always somebody online and ready to help
  • 24/7 access to doctors you can trust, no matter where you are

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