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Manage your personal health information

There are 14 categories available through which you can monitor health for yourself and your family. Simple storage of health data in the palm of your hand.

  • LittleDot - dnevnik - Krvni tlak

    Blood pressure control

    Control your blood pressure with multiple built-in features such as measurement analysis, statistics, graphs, comprehensive reports that your doctor will love and many other tools to analyze high or low blood pressure!

  • LittleDot - dnevnik - Njega kože

    Skin care

    Get to know your skin inside and out and find out what makes your skin tick and start discovering. Analyze which skincare routine works for you by helping you track your skincare activities and chart your progress.

  • LittleDot - diary - Blood sugar

    Blood sugar

    View a graph of your data and send a report to a loved one or healthcare professional. Set reminders to check and record your blood sugar regularly, whether you have diabetes or prediabetes.

  • LittleDot - dnevnik - Težina


    If you monitor your weight or your child's weight, you know if it is developing healthily and according to plan, or if something needs to be done - ask for expert advice.

  • LittleDot - diary - Temperature


    Record each temperature measurement. Sometimes the doctor will ask you to monitor temperatures - do they rise, fall, how long do they last - each measurement is recorded neatly in the application and you get useful data, but also a lot of useful, expert advice on how to lower the temperature.

  • LittleDot - diary - Diseases


    Illness diary. Some diseases last longer, and some are chronic, so it's good to keep a diary because you can learn a lot about your specific case from changes in symptoms. This kind of diary is useful for the parent - because it makes it easier for him to take care of the child, but also for the doctor, because all the answers to the questions are contained in one place.

  • LittleDot - Diary - Medicines


    All the medicines you take. Enter the medicine, enter the reminder and there is no chance that you or your little one will miss their therapy, that you will replace something or that you will not know which medicines you take in which doses when the doctor asks you. Regardless of how much time has passed since the last medicine you used or gave to your child.

  • LittleDot - Diary - Vaccines


    Vaccinations you have had. Mandatory, optional, when they were vaccinated, with which vaccine - all this is useful information that you no longer have to keep in your head, on pieces of paper or who knows where. LittleDot will remember all this for you and remind you when it's time for the next vaccination or regular check-up. You worry less, the children are happier.

  • LittleDot - diary - Growth and development

    Growth and development

    For your little one, you enter height, weight, head circumference with each measurement and you have an insight into the practical graphic approach to growth and development, but also all the data when you go for regular check-ups.

  • LittleDot - dnevnik - Uspomene


    Record, store memories (first tooth, first step, birthday...), including date, time video and photos. Everything in one place and available with one click.

  • LittleDot - dnevnik - Prehrana


    It is important to know what you eat or what your child eats, how often and at what time, and here you can record which breast you use for breastfeeding and other things.

What do parents / users say?

An excellent and very useful application For me, a diary and a reminder to track my baby's development, a sort of e-medical record with a review of health conditions, the medicines we take and most importantly – contact with the best experts and paediatricians available at all times. A handful of useful topics written by top experts in blogs. In short - excellent!


A beautiful idea and application. I have been following your work from the beginning. Well done! In this modern age, we do not have as much time as we used to, and anything that helps us and saves time is praiseworthy. Some have already realized this, and some will need a while to understand and accept it, but what you are offering is the future, so you get a big Like!

Suzana Vezilic

I used the short consultations and got an answer in 15 minutes. I should point out that I sent the question around 11 PM. The answer is very detailed and there is an option of asking multiple questions in one consultation. At the end, the invoice is sent to the email address. I am very satisfied and plan to use this application in the future.

Hermina P.

When a baby is born, you cannot memorise everything. Full of hormones and crazy from everything and everybody, this application kept me sane. I installed it back in 2016 while it was just starting. How did I find out about it? By chance. My mother told me that she saw Doctor Jovančević on TV and he mentioned it. So I thought I'd take a look. Indeed, in the first three months, it was everything to me. I recorded all the information about Dinko in it (left breast, right breast, vaccine, weight, length, everything). When Viktor was born, I continued using it. Everything in one place. From 2016 to this day, the application has really made progress, many options have been added such as consultation with specialists, white noise and others. If only the application had a calendar to sync with my Google calendar, that would be great.

Mama u zemlji čudesa

An excellent and very useful application for worried parents. Expert doctors available at all times. In our case, Doctor Jovančević helped us get rid of concerns regarding the health of our baby late at night and calmed us down with his advice. I highly recommend the application.

Nikolina Kelava

So, mums and dads, @littledotapp is PHENOMENAL. We were at the coast, far from Zagreb, and Jona got hives. You photograph and describe the problem and soon get an expert's answer!

Plus, kids always get something on sundays :/ and it is not a commercial, we are real users

Ana Stunic