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Learn all you wish to know about the health of your child in one phone call. Select an expert according to your child’s medical situation and quickly obtain advice that will help them get better.
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How to initiate the service using the mobile application

1. Open the LittleDot application

Create a LittleDot account by entering your personal information.

2. Select an expert

Once you choose Call expert service in mobile application, you will be presented with a list of experts to choose from. You can read the CV of your chosen expert. Once you’ve decided to initiate a call, you will proceed to the next step.

3. Add / select your payment method

If you are using the Call specialist service for the first time, you will need to enter your payment information.

4. Initiate a call and talk to the expert

After selecting your preferred payment method, then you will be able to initiate a call and will be redirected to the expert you selected.

How to initiate the service using a computer

1. Open the LittleDot application

Create a LittleDot account by entering your personal information.

2. Select your payment method

After verifying your user account, select your payment method.

3. Overview of expert status

Afterwards, a screen will appear showing the status of your expert of choice, as well as a list of other experts who also provide the service.

4. Initiate the call

After clicking on the phone icon next to the expert’s name, a notification with instructions for initiating the call will appear.

5. Talk to the expert

Once you have initiated the call according to the instructions provided, you will automatically be redirected to the expert you selected.

Security for all provided information
A simple method of entering the child’s information
You choose the expert who will be able to access the data
Data synchronisation across all devices

Price and payment

Payment method

The service is charged to a credit/debit card. Enter your credit/debit card details after describing your child’s symptoms in a message. During card authorisation, the card issuer will charge 1,00 HRK to your account. This amount will be returned to your account within several workdays or will be deducted from the price of the purchased services.


After the service has been charged to your account, you will receive an e-mail message containing all the basic information on the service provided and the time when the payment was made. You will also be given the option, via e-mail, of previewing and downloading your receipt using your LittleDot user account.

LittleDot provides online access to the best medical professionals for the benefit of children

prof. dr. sc.  Veselin Škrabić dr. med.

Dostupan za sva pitanja vezana uz endokrinologiju i dijabetes

prim.  Denis Mladinić Vulić dr. med.

za sva pedijatrijska pitanja

Martina Prusac mag. pharm.

za pitanja o primjeni lijekova i alternativnim preparatima

Hrvoje Kniewald dr. med.

za sva pitanja o pedijatrijskoj kardiologiji

All experts with the Call expert service

Note important milestones on your child's development and life

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